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Protein Purification

Protein Purification

We offer a large selection of products for protein purification and chromatography. Protein Purification STRATEGY™ consists of numerous fractionation and chromatography techniques including pH fractionation, salt fractionation, hydrophobic chromatography, anionic chromatography, and cationic chromatography to aid researchers in developing suitable purification systems for specific and novel proteins. Our G-Capsule is an easy-to-use device for the rapid electroelution of nucleic acids and proteins that excises DNA or protein bands and elutes your sample in a final volume of ~30µl with as high as 90% protein recovery. 
We offer many products to aid in affinity chromatography for the separation & purification of affinity tagged proteins & antibodies. Immobilized Protein A is available for the purification of immunoglobulin (ig) molecules and Immobilized Protein G is offered for the purification of antibodies through the constant IG domains. Our nickel chelating resin is an immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin that utilizes nickel for the purification of 6x histidine tagged proteins.

Water, Molecular Grade

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Our Molecular Grade Water is ultrapure water that certified RNase, DNase and Protease free.  Our Molecular Grade Water is suitable for use in molecular biology applications which require high purity water,...

Spin Column, 10ml

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Spin Column, 5ml

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Spin Column, 3ml

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Blocking Buffers in PBS Trial Pack

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Ni-NTA Resin, 0.2ml Spin Column

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Silica Magnetic Beads

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Ni-NTA Resin, 3ml Spin Column

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Co-NTA Resin, 3ml Spin Column

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ProteaseArrestâ„¢ for Plant [100X]

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**Click Here to Download Protease Inhibitor Cocktail Selection Guide** A broad range, 100X concentrated, ready-to-use protease inhibitor cocktail of AEBSF, Bestatin, E-64, Leupeptin, Pepstatin A, 1,10-Phenathroline and PMSF that inhibits...