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Custom Competent Cells

Custom Competent Cells

Custom Competent Cell Preparation Services

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We’ll make any E. coli strain competent, in flexible formatting options, to meet your specific requirements for many applications such as:

  • Library construction – bulk aliquots for phage display or lentiviral libraries (e.g. CRISPR, shRNA)
  • High-throughput cloning – 96-well plates for synthetic biology and automated platforms
  • Protein expression – your favorite strain, at highest transformation efficiencies

It’s easy. Here’s why.

  • Support – Personalized service from initial discussion through delivery
  • Flexibility – Choose from the following options to match your specific needs:
    • Style: Chemically competent or electrocompetent cells
    • Dispense volume: bulk or small aliquots
    • Format: 96-well plates or tubes of your choice
    • Strains: Lucigen or any BSL1 E. coli strain of choice that meets your application needs
  • Transformation Efficiency – High efficiencies that match your needs, up to an industry-leading 4×1010 cfu/µg DNA
  • Turnaround Time – Rapid, average 2-3 weeks
  • Quality – ISO 13485 Certified with 10+ years of manufacturing excellence 

Pilot batches available to test your workflow or E. coli strain


Custom competent cells for 96-well plates

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