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Stirrers and Shakers

Stirrers and Shakers

Multiposition Hot Plate Stirrer

G Biosciences

An 8 position multi-position hot plate stirrer for heating solutions to 120C and stirring up to 1200rpm. The 8 Multi-position Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer is designed for high-efficiency experiments and multi-channel magnetic...

BT Lab Systems: Mixer, 3D Rotating, variable speed and timer

G Biosciences

The three-dimensional rotating mixer is a uniquely designed instrument, which can mix samples horizontally, vertically or at any angled rotation with a variety of sample tubes. It is widely used...

BT Lab Systems: Mixer, Vortex, 4K Variable

G Biosciences

A touch to mix vortex for a variety of tubes and centrifugal tubes. The compact design and small footprint makes it a suitable bench companion.Features Variable speed to meet different...

BT Lab Systems: Micro-Plate Shaker

G Biosciences

Features LED digital display. The simple and easy operation panel can accurately display the time and the speed of shaking parameters Speed and time under microprocessor control Safe and stable with minimal noise...

BT Lab Systems: Rocking Shaker

G Biosciences

Features  A bench top shaker suitable for ambient and incubator incubation. Platform made of stainless steel and natural rubber, which is alkali­ resistant, non-deforming, easy-clean and prevents spills Real-time speed display and...

BT Lab Systems: Rocker, 3D

G Biosciences

An economical 3D gyratory rocker with perfect 3-dimensional motion for gentle but thorough mixing. It is an ideal choice for small sample mixing. Suitable for a large selection of tubes,...

BT Lab Systems: Smart Mixer, Multi Shaker

G Biosciences

A compact mixer with high efficiency and multiple functions.It integrates mixing and shaking with intelligent operation. It can be applied to a variety of mixing and vortex shaking operations. It not...

Stirring Bar, Fan Blade, 1 blade

G Biosciences

A fan type stirring blade consisting of a 68mm diameter blade suitable for speeds up to 1,000rpm.  Propeller shaft is 8mm diameter and a total length of 400mm.

Stirring Bar, Propeller Style, 4 blades

G Biosciences

A propeller consisting of a 50mm diameter 4 blades suitable for speeds up to 2,000rpm.  Propeller shaft is 8mm diameter and a total length of 400mm.

Stirring Bar, Centrifugal Style, 2 blades

G Biosciences

A centrifugal propeller consiting of 90mm double blade suitable for speeds up to 2,000rpm.  Propeller shaft is 8mm diameter and a total length of 400mm.

Digital overhead stirrer with Propeller Style, 4 blade Stirring Bar

G Biosciences

The Digital Overhead Stirrer is suitable for middle and high viscosity liquids or solid-liquid mixtures. It is used in chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, physical and chemical analysis, petrochemical, cosmetics, health products,...

Cell Magnetic Stirrer

G Biosciences

A magnetic stirrer designed for stirring cell cultures. This low speed (5-200rpm) magnetic stirrer is ideal for gently stirring up to 3L flasks of cell cultures. Features various working modes, including fixed...