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PCR Racks

PCR Racks

I5410-29 TR-4 Flipper Rack, assorted fluorescent colours, each

Scientific Specialties

Features Small footprint is perfect for the benchtop or under the hood. Suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers (-90°). Available in standard or interlocking versions. Accommodates all popular tube...

I5230-29 96 Well workup PCR rack with lid, assorted fluorescent colours, 5 pack

Scientific Specialties

96-Place WorkUp Rack Working storage rack and lid for PCR processing. Standard spacing for strip tubes or plates. Snaps into PCR Workstation. Assembly comes with lid. Dimensions: 128 x 87...

B10452 = 0.2 ml Multo Work Rack System, mixed colours, pack of 8 Racks


Multo Rack in box with lid, holds (q)PCR plates, tubes and stripsMixed Colours, pack of 8 RacksThe Multo Rack System contains of a 0.2 ml Multo Plate Rack and a...

I5240-09 96 Well Stacking PCR Work-up rack with lid, assorted colours, 5 pack

Scientific Specialties

Features PCR Stacking WorkUp Rack — New and Improved! Easy stacking. Lid clicks into place. Stable work platform. Accommodates non-skirted, semi-skirted and skirted 96-well PCR plates. Accommodates PCR strip tubes....

I5405-59 Revolver Flipper Rack System (Block of 4 incl. green, blue, red, yellow)

Scientific Specialties

Features The Ultimate Workstation! Add or subtract rack units to suit your needs. PCR workstation options: 48 x 0.2 mL tubes per block. 6 x 8 tube strips per block....

I5305-59 SlipLock Flipper Racks Block of 4 (green, blue, red, yellow)

Scientific Specialties

Features Slide racks together. Lock for bigger workstation. Stack for storage. Fits into standard freezer racking. Autoclavable. Expandable mini workstation, includes 4 interchangeable racks and 2 clear lids. Capacity: 16...