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Lab Essentials

Lab Essentials

I1005-39 Pestle only for 1.5ml Microcentrifuge tubes, assorted - 10 pack

Scientific Specialties

Pestles Homogenize cells or resuspend precipitates such as protein or DNA pellets. Certified free of detectable RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free.

Well Plate Stand

Diversified Biotech

A convenient holder for a microplate, tilted at a 30° angle to comfortably view samples and pipette without strain. Each stand has a neoprene pad and rubber mounting to prevent...

Solvent Resistant Pen, Black

Diversified Biotech

Ideal Use: Labeling, marking tubes/vials, tissue cassettesColour: BlackTip: Fine PointResistant to most solvents including xylene, alcohol, and DMSO. May be used in the presence of acetone showing moderate resistance.  Ideal for histology cassettes,...

Wash N'Dry Microscope Slide Rack

Diversified Biotech

MAXIMUM CIRCULATION - Offset design allows liquid and air to optimally flow around and between all slides & coverslips ensuring best cleaning and faster drying times MINIMALIST DESIGN - Tailored to contact a...

Adjustable Well Plate Stand

Diversified Biotech

Achieves accurate pipetting by allowing the flexibility to adjust the angle of the microplate (45° max. tilt).  The stand takes up little benchtop space measuring only 6"L x 4.50"W x...

Wash N'Dry Cover Slip Rack

Diversified Biotech

Hassle Free - One piece polypropylene rack does not require assembly and is chemically and thermally resistant. Autoclavable! Secrue - Innovative design includes a notch to secure coverslips with a rubber band or...

Multi-colored 96 Well Orienter, 2/pk

Diversified Biotech

Vertically oriented bright colors make it easy to distinguish between columns  Fits most standard 96-well plates Can be used with our Pipetter Guide for convenient viewing

Multi-colored 96 Well Orienter, 2/pk

Diversified Biotech

Horizontally oriented bright colors make it easy to distinguish between rows Fits most standard 96-well plates  Can be used with our Pipetter Guide for convenient viewing

Thermal-Micro Beads, glass, 1 liter

Diversified Biotech

Effectively heat and cool samples in most water and dry baths Reduce sample contamination in applications requiring water and ice Support tubes and bottles eliminating the need for floating racks...

Slide Grids, 20mm x 20mm 40/pack

Diversified Biotech

Convenient - Easy-to adhere stickers having side-by-side twin grids (20mm x 20mm each with 1mm line spacing) for microscope slides. Count or measure cells  Versatile - Compatible with different styles of microscopes...

Bio-Pure Alcohol Wipes, 40/pack

Diversified Biotech

100% Biodegradable  - Proprietary fabric is formulated to easily break down over time.  Green - Re-sealable and flexible packaging has a low carbon footprint.  No Residue - 70% IPA/30% H2O mixture evaporates...

AluminaSeal, 100/pk

Diversified Biotech

100/pk  Ideal Use: Cold Storage  Temp. Range: -80°C to 110°C Gas Permeable: No  UV Transparent: No  Material: 2.7 mil aluminum Sterilisation: Gamma Irradiation