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Firm Deck

Firm Deck

Interchangeability of products  - Optimise your (q)PCR - Strips tubes or plates are all made from the same material, to the same performance specification and use the same lids 

Only one type of (q)PCR product to fit all varieties of cyclers - One PCR plate fits all machines regardless of the manufacturer, reducing the need for multiple suppliers

Reduce CO2 emission, environmentally friendly plastics - Firm Deck products are made from polypropylenes which are easy to recycle. Two component plates (typically a combination of glass-enforced plastics and/or polycarbonate with polypropylene) are proven to be more difficult to recycle

Highly efficient packaging - reduced packaging which means saving our precious environment and reduces landfill 

B4690FD2: 96 x 0.1 ml Plate, Firm Deck2, Low Profile, Semi Skirted, Frosted, Box of 36 plates


FIRM DECK 2 DR These Low Profile (0.1 ml) Firm Deck 2 DR plates are extra rigid, flat, semi skirted and comparable with any 2 component casted plates. Plates have...

B5911FD: Tear-off 8-tube Mat, 0.1 ml Firm Deck, Low profile, semi skirted, Light Frosted, natural, Box 2 x 18 mats (432 strips)


Firm Deck Semi Skirted 12 x 8 tube-strip Tear Off Mat Low Profile (0.1 ml) Patent Design Fits almost all PCR and qPCR (fast) cycler models which accept low profile...

B60101FD: 96 x 0.1 ml Plate, Firm Deck NS, low profile, non skirted, Natural, Box of 40 plates


These low profile Firm Deck SR plates are extra rigid, flat and non-skirted , comparable with any 2 component casted plates The plates are covered by Design Patent(s) and can...