Selecting the most suitable competent cells for your workflow and applications is a critical component in receiving successful cloning results. 

Chemically Competent Cells

Chemically competent cells are calcium chloride treated to facilitate attachment of the plasmid DNA  to the competent cell membrane. The competent cell is alternatively heated in a water bath, this opens the pores of the cell membrane allowing entry of the plasmid. Chemically competent cells are the best solution for general cloning and subcloning application.

Electrocompetent Cells

Electrocompetent cells work using the electroporation process. Electrical pulses created pores that allows genetic material to permeate the bacterial membrane. Invitrogen offers a variety of electrocompetent E. coli cells to reliably clone your DNA with high efficiency. The convenient packaging formats and a variety of electroporation cuvettes will fulfill all of your electrocompetent cell transformation requirements.

Astral Scientific offers our competent cells in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

General Cloning & Library Construction

Phage Display Library Applications

CRISPR, Large or Difficult Fragment Cloning

Protein Expression

Low Endotoxin Cells

Custom Competent Cells