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Biotech RC Dialysis Membranes

Biotech RC Dialysis Membranes

High Purity & Tolerance Dialysis Tubing & Trial Kits

Biotech RC is Repligen's premium dialysis membrane crafted from a regeneration process that yields superior temperature tolerances and chemical compatibilities while maintaining the same high purity and selectivity as Biotech CE. RC membrane can tolerate concentrated-weak acids & bases, dilute-strong acids & bases, most alcohols and some mild or dilute organic solvents. Exposure to strong polar or organic solvents may damage RC membranes. Use with pH 2-12 & temp 4-60 °C. Biotech RC is available in economic 5 meter rolls and 0.5 meter length Dialysis Trial Kits, ideal for membrane evaluation and small applications.

  • Superior chemical compatibility and temperature tolerance
  • Rigidly controlled porosity for better selectivity & separations
  • Ultrapure with no trace heavy metals & sulfides
  • 3 MWCO's and 2 tubing flat-widths
  • Does not interfere with macromolecular activity & function
  • Packaged dry with glycerin (soak 15 min in water)

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