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NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit

NxSeq® UltraLow DNA Library Kit, 2 Reactions and Single Indexing Kits


Lowest input, highest efficiency, Illumina-compatible DNA fragment library prep kit

  • High Quality Data: High efficiency adaptor ligation produces complex libraries that yield improved sequencing depth uniformity and better coverage with fewer zero coverage regions
  • Sensitive: Construct DNA fragment libraries from as little as 50 pg to as much 75 ng of sheared/fragmented DNA
  • Minimal Bias: Robust, uniform PCR amplification improves coverage uniformity when working with low input amounts of genomic DNA
  • Flexible:Extensively tested in de novo whole genome sequencing or resequencing, but compatible with other applications such as exome-seq, ChIP-seq and FFPE DNA samples.
  • Fast: 3 hour protocol gets your samples on the sequencer quicker
  • High Value: Cost-effective library and indexing kits which produce excellent sequencing results


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