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PCR & Amplification

Lucigen offers a variety of nucleic acid amplification products designed for your needs. We are continually expanding your options by discovering and developing novel classes of enzymes with unique capabilities.


CloneID™ 1X Colony PCR Master Mix »
Convenient and powerful 1X master mix for direct Colony PCR. Highly reliable with no sample prep required, even for difficult targets.

EconoTaq® PLUS and EconoTaq PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mixes » Ready-to-use PCR master mixes, contain dNTPs and PCR Enhancer. High density buffer and tracking dyes in EconoTaq PLUS GREEN allow direct gel loading and visualisation.

EconoTaq® DNA Polymerase » Low price, great performance. Choice of reaction buffers, with or without MgCl2.

FailSafe™ PCR Systems » Successfully amplify
any DNA target with the FailSafe™ PCR Systems. Guaranteed.

FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme and 2X PreMix Buffers » 
The FailSafe™ PCR Enzyme and 2X PreMix Buffers are available as individual components through this webpage.

MasterAmp™ Extra-Long PCR Optimisation Kit and Components » PCR amplify DNA targets up to 40 kb long with this high fidelity PCR system.

MasterAmp™ PCR Optimisation Kit and Components » Easily optimise PCR reactions that use different enzymess such as Taq, Pfu, and Tth DNA polymerases.

MasterAmp™ Taq DNA Polymerase »
A Taq DNA polymerase for routine PCR applications.

MasterAmp™ Tth DNA Polymerase » Amplify both DNA and RNA targets by PCR and RT-PCR using this single enzyme that exhibits both DNA- and RNA-dependent DNA polymerase activities.

LAMP & Isothermal Amplification

LavaLAMP™ DNA Master Mix » 
Simplify LAMP reaction set up with this easy-to-use, sensitive and thermostable DNA LAMP master mix.

LavaLAMP™ DNA Component Kit » 
Take control of your LAMP reaction optimisation with this fully optimisable kit format.

LavaLAMP™ RNA Master Mix » 
Streamline your RNA LAMP (RT-LAMP) assays with this sensitive, fast and easy-to-use RNA LAMP Master Mix

LavaLAMP™ RNA Component Kit » Maximise your RNA LAMP assay speed and sensitivity with this fully optimisable kit.

OmniAmp® RNA & DNA LAMP Kit » 
The only enzyme capable of performing LAMP directly from RNA or DNA. Faster amplification with the sensitivity needed in demanding applications.

Bst DNA Polymerase, Exonuclease Minus »High strand displacement activity for isothermal amplification and Next Generation sequencing.


cDNA Synthesis & RT-PCR

MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis Kit for qPCR » Synthesise first-strand cDNA for qPCR applications.

MessageBOOSTER™ cDNA Synthesis from Cell Lysates Kit » Synthesize first-strand cDNA directly from cell lysates.

MMLV Reverse Transcriptase 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit » Higher RT activity.

PCR Accessory Reagents

PCR Grade dNTP» Highest quality deoxynucleotides at a great value, formulated for your convenience. Greater than 99% purity.

Premixed dNTP Solutions » Ready-to-use mixes of dGTP, dATP, dTTP and dCTP for PCR

Uracil N-Glycosylase (UNG) » A powerful enzyme that cleaves any DNA molecules where dUTP is substituted for dTTP.

Nuclease-Free Water » Water is used in all types of molecular biology applications, and this water is free of any DNases or RNases making it perfectly suited for molecular biology research.