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Extensive line of Buffers for DNA : RNA : Protein applications.

Biological buffers for the life science laboratory need to meet a wide array of criteria. These include good stability, lack of toxicity, precision in pH, pKa between 6.0 and 8.0 (the region in which most biological reactions occur), minimal salt effects due to the ionic composition of the solution, free of enzymatic and hydrolytic activity and minimal participation in biological reactions. Buffers for molecular biology applications, e.g. Tris-Borate-EDTA and Tris-Acetate-EDTA, need to be free from DNAse and RNAse activity.

Astral Scientific offers a comprehensive range of buffers for all DNA;RNA and Protein applications from small scale to large scale: Our buffers are available in pre-mixed powders; tablets and liquid formats. They eliminate calculation, formulation and weighing errors and guarantee reproducibility in your laboratory applications.

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BIOUSD8135-1L EDTA Buffer 0.5M 1X pH 8.0 - 1L

Special Price $84.00

Regular Price: $99.00

BIOUSD8135-500ML EDTA Buffer 0.5M 1X pH 8.0 - 500ml

Special Price $43.00

Regular Price: $50.00

12-9165-5-5pouches Glucose D(+) 1000ml - 5 pouches
12-9121-10-10Pouches Glycine Powder pH3.0 1000ml - 10 pouches
BIOHB0495-100g HEPBS 100g High Purity
BIOHB0495-25g HEPBS 25g High Purity
09-8500-100 HEPES Buffered Saline (HBS) pH 7,4
09-8500-12 HEPES Buffered Saline (HBS) pH 7,4,12 tablets
BIOHB0264-1Kg HEPES, free acid 1Kg High Purity
BIOHB0264-250g HEPES, free acid 250g High Purity

Special Price $106.00

Regular Price: $134.00

BIOHB0264-50g HEPES, free acid 50g High Purity
BIOHB0265-1Kg HEPES, sodium salt 1Kg ACS
BIOHB0265-250g HEPES, sodium salt 250g ACS
BIOHB0265-50g HEPES, sodium salt 50g ACS
BIOHDJ699-100g HEPPS (EPPS) 100g High Purity
BIOHDJ699-25g HEPPS (EPPS) 25g High Purity
BIOHDJ698-100g HEPPSO, free acid 100g High Purity
BIOHDJ698-25g HEPPSO, free acid 25g High Purity
BIOHB0496-100g HEPPSO, sodium salt 100g High Purity
BIOHB0496-25g HEPPSO, sodium salt 25g High Purity
09-1012-10 IMAC Elution Buffer - 10 tabs / blisterpack
09-1012-50 IMAC Elution Buffer - 50 tabs
09-1010-10 IMAC Phosphate Buffer 10 tablets/blisterpack
09-1010-50 IMAC Phosphate Buffer 50 tablets
BIOIB0277-500g Imidazole 500g Reagent
12-9182-5-5pouches Magnesium Sulphate Pwd 1M 1000ml - 5 pouches
BIOMB0341-100g MES, free acid, monohydrate 100g High Purity
BIOMB0341-25g MES, free acid, monohydrate 25g High Purity
BIOMB0341-500g MES, free acid, monohydrate 500g High Purity
BIOMB0611-250g MES, sodium salt 250g High Purity

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Items 61 to 90 of 253 total

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